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R0ket User Manual


The r0ket was developed as the badge for the Chaos Communication Camp 2011. Besides being a shiny electronic name tag, the r0ket is an easy to use full featured microcontroller development board. We want to encourage you to tinker with your r0ket.

On first bootup, you will have to go to two configuration screens. Don't worry about the settings, you can change them later.

After turning your r0ket on, you will be in the “nickname display” state. By pressing Fire you go to the Main Menu

The black thingie below the display left of the on/off switch is a joystick. It has the typical four directions and fire. In this wiki “DOWN” dosnt mean to press the stick down (towards the PCB) but pressing the joystick in the DOWN direction (towards the r0ket fins). Pressing towards the PCB is typicallly names “Fire”, “Return” or “Enter”.

The Main Menu consists of 5 entries. Choose with you joystick by UP/DOWN and press it to select an entry. You will drop back to the nickname display after 15 seconds of inactivity

config selects the config editor. execute lets you choose between the different l0dables on your r0ket, and run them. messages lets you view messages your r0ket received via the mini-mesh. nick lets you edit your nickname and configure your nickname-display. usb_storage enters MSC mode. Your r0ket will be accessible as mass storage device via usb, so you can edit its contents from your computer. Another joystick click will drop back to the main menu. Note: This will hang if there is no USB connected. Simply turn your r0ket off and on again if this happens.


Joystick up/down to select the option to edit, and right/left to change a value. Changes will be active immedeately, but only preserved across a power-cycle if you select the “Save changes:” point at the top of the menu.

You can leave the config menu at any time by pressing the joystick.

The available config options are:

  • privacy [0-2]
    • 0: send OpenBeacon packets with a unique ID, to allow tracing you on the camp site.
    • 1: only participate in the mini-mesh. No ID of your badge will be transmitted.
    • 2: turn the RF part off. Nothing will be transmitted.
  • daytrig
    • The sensor value the badge uses to switch between day/night mode. Higher numbers mean it must be brighter to be considered day
  • daytrighyst
    • Hysteresis value to switch back between day/night. Higher value mean it takes longer to switch back, i.e. less “blinking”
  • dayinvert
    • if set to 1, the display will be inverted in day mode
  • lcdbacklight
    • how bright the backlight will be in night mode
  • lcdmirror
    • if set, inverts the display along the x axis. Some displays may need this.
  • lcdcontrast
    • changes the contrast for the lcd
  • l0nick
    • if re-set to 0, disable any fancy nick-animation you may have chosen
  • chargeled
    • if set to 1, the red led will turn on while charging the r0ket
    • do not turn it on. The day/night switching will break.
  • positionleds
    • if set to 1, the lower two leds will turn on at night


A few l0dable modules have been pre-loaded on your badge

    • blink the top left led a few times. Just for testing
    • a game of space invaders. A global highscore will be tracked through the mini-mesh.
    • if you obtain a highscore your nickname will be sent into the mesh. [privacy needs to be set to 0 or 1]
    • If you turn you badge off to quickly, your highscore may not be picked up by the mesh
    • To leave invaders, press “left” at the game over or start screen.
    • A mandelbrot renderer. Click zooms in, double-click zooms out, and click+left at the same time leaves it.
    • simple password generator. Might come in handy :-)
    • see the fairy dust land. After landing you may fly around using your joystick
    • they allow you to transmit a “.CRD” file from one badge to another via the RF interface.
    • The file can be edited by using the usb_storage mode.
    • This is inteded to swap your contact details with other attendees so you don't have to keep notes


The messages menu displays all the messages you received from the mesh. To view a message HOLD the stick down. There may be more messages on your display, the main types are:

  • Time
    • The current time. If the mesh is not working, it may be 1970 instead :-)
  • Bakonur/Kohorou
    • The upcoming talk in Bakonur/Kohorou
  • Invaders
    • The global highscore for Space invaders


  • changeFont
    • this lets you choose the font used for displaying your nickname
    • you can add convert and add any BDF and TTF font. The converter script is in the git repostiory. More info about f0nts.
  • chooseAnim
    • choose an enhanced nickname display. A few have been preloaded on your r0ket:
    • PLAIN
      • simply shows your nickname centered on the screen
    • SCROLL
      • scrolls your nickname through the screen
    • LIFE
      • scrolls your nickname while running conways “game of life” in the background
    • IMAGE
      • displays “NICK.LCD” instead. You can change the image using usb_storage mode. There is a converter script in the git repository.
    • ANIM
      • displays “NICK.LCD” as an animation with 0.5 seconds frame duration. Simply concatenate multiple “*.LCD” images into this file.
  • editNick
    • Edit your nickname. If you find this editor to tedious, you can always edit “NICK.CFG” via the usb_storage mode.
    • Change all unneeded characters to space (“ ”)

Next steps

  • The concept of the r0ket
  • What are the features
  • Download some l0dable
  • Install some m0duls
  • Download some LCD Art
  • init tells you how to flash your r0ket with the 28C3 firmware
  • Your badge does strange thingsor nothing at all? Read help!
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