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This page is intended to list available hardware components for the r0ket. Hardware/interface description at m0dul


As m0duls use I2C and/or SPI to communicate with the r0ket, its possible that multiple m0duls use the same addresses. Here is a list of used addresses to verify compatibility.

I2C address M0dul
0000000 example
1000010 j0y+
1010xxx (generic I²C EEPROM addresses; avoid if possible)
1010000 SFP+ cage
1100010 flame
Chip Select M0dul
SS0 r0ketc0m
SS3 launch
SS1 or SS3 example



Description: This is a simple parasitic Module that uses the regulated 3.3v power supply of r0ket to drive a couple of white LEDs. The light is triggered via a pushbutton.

Link: Torch m0dul


Description: j0y+ is a game controller to have even more fun with your r0ket!

Link: j0y+ m0dul


Description: Ignite your r0ket!

Link: flame m0dul and flame RGB mod


Description: r0ketc0m will be your two-way audio communication addon with ogg vorbis codec.

Link: r0ketc0m m0dul

avr m0dul


Description: Finished AVRISP-Firmware for r0ket. Link:

Description: Connects an avr controller over isp. Unfinished, feel free to jump in. Link:


The launch m0dul enables the r0ket to launch rockets (fireworks). SS3 is used as GPIO to switch a relay using a NPN transistor, the relay switches 12V to a 2 Ohms reistor (11W) + heating wire (cut from an old hot air gun) which starts glowing (using about 3 Amps) and ignites the rocket. Here a video of the beta version (using hackerbus instead of m0dulbus and normal wire+matchstick instead of the heating wire) in action:

SS3 was chosen because it seems to be low by default currently - but be careful, if that's not the case your rocket might launch while plugging in the m0dul already… Best practice should be to connect 12V supply and insert the rocket only in safe launch locations - or even better, not use this m0dul at all…

For the next version I plan to use an i2c gpio chip to be able to connect several launch units. There's now about 1 year of time to finish that project. And add some wireless launch function using a second r0ket…


Description: Make the r0ket connect to your favorite Network :-) – Currently in planning

Link: ethernet m0dul


Description: The example m0dul is an example!

Link: example m0dul

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