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l0dable documentation

This page documents to how to write a l0dable. depending on the font you are seeing this looks like “I/O dables” but meant is “loadable”. these are small software components (in opposite to m0duls which are hardare components) that can easily copied to the r0ket. Once you are done with you l0dable please mention it in l0dables.

Set up build environment as described in build

cd firmware/l0dable/
vi hello.c
#include <sysinit.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#include "basic/basic.h"
#include "basic/config.h"

#include "lcd/render.h"
#include "lcd/print.h"

#include "usetable.h"

void ram(void)
  while (getInputRaw() != BTN_ENTER);

more examples how to do stuff are in the l0dable directory.

Compiling the l0dable for the r0ket

make hello.c0d

Select usb_storage on your r0ket, mount it and copy hello.c0d on the usb device. on OS X so not use the finder, use

cp hello.c0d /Volumes/NO\ NAME/

make sure you unmount the device properly.

exit usb_storage, and run hello from the execute menu.

running in the simulat0r

cd simulat0r
make APP=l0dable LAPP=hello
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