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  • original flame m0dul
  • 1x RGB LED
  • 2x 100K SMD Resistors
  • a few centimeters hookup wire (german: Fädeldraht)
  • soldering equipment

Source LRTB G6TG RGB MultiLED LED Datasheet


Step 1

  • unscrew the acrylic flame
  • unsolder the original one-color LED

Step 2

  • solder the RGB LED contacts A1 and C1 to the original solder pads from the one-color LED
  • solder one hookup wire to each contact C2 and C3 on your RGB LED
  • connect A2 and A3 together and solder one hookup wire to it

Step 3

  • solder two 100K Resistors to the board
  • connect the two wires from C2 and C3 to the board
  • connect the third wire to VCC

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