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The SIGINT 2012 was our first attempt to use tp-link routers to talk to reader-r0kets.

Notable stuff

We expected to have ethernet connectors for all the readers, turns out sigint 2012 only had wireless everywhere.

The tp-link routers do have a wifi chipset, so we attempted to use that instead.


r0ket usb serial failures

The r0ket usb serial “hangs” after a few packets and doesn't send any more data until the r0ket is reset. We suspect the r0ket-usb-serial code to be at fault (it's userland code running on the r0ket) but so far noone has managed to fix or even pinpoint why.

Schneider can probably lend more insight into the exact problems.

disk-space is severly limited

The old approach of just cloning the git repos doesn't work. Even getting a functional perl on there was a challenge.

These routers are slow. The perl-based reader script ran at 100% cpu.

Was replaced ad-hoc by a binary. Cross-compiling for openwrt was a bit of a hassle to setup.

The source code for this is at …/tools/mesh/obreader.c - this seemed to work way better.

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