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  • the interesting part is: openbeacon/host/services/openbeacon-tracker
  • Job: Collect raw data from trackers, and calculate positions from that
  • add readers here:
    • src/bmReaderPositions.h {readerid, roomnumber, group(?), x-coord, y-coord, comment},
  • make
  • ./openbeacon-tracker | ./filter-singularsighting output.json
  • so it doesn't write to disk every second:
    • mount -t tmpfs -o size=10M /dev/null ./json
  • Start webserver to publish the json (e.g.: thttpd)
    • thttpd -p [port] -dd [json file folder] -l [zielordner fuers logfile]
    • e.g. thttpd -p 8888 -dd json/ -l ./logfile


  • tracking - r0kets need this software:
  • bridge-firmware, see README.building
  • currently: r0kets connected to computers (e.g. dockstar)
  • you need this script for it: …/r0ket/tools/mesh/
  • or alternatively the binary built from …/r0ket/tools/mesh/obreader.c
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