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You can find the whole software in our git repository on github:

The code is released under BSD license.


The base firmware provides you with a set of functions to control the r0ket

  • How to build your own software
  • Use the simulat0r to test your software without having a r0ket
  • Write your own l0dable but…
  • Document the l0dables you built
  • Control the display and backlight: /firmware/lcd
  • Transfer data to other badges via radio: /firmware/tbd
  • Write to the internal data flash: /firmware/filesystem
  • Execute functions from the data flash /firmware/loadable
  • crypto functions
  • r0ket firmware exploits

The software currently uses the core library from and in part software from the OpenBeacon project. The software is released under BSD twitter reply 2012 .

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