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-love trucks, like the 1996 [[http://​​main/​search/​search?​q=Ariel%20Atom|Ariel Atom]] or the 1964 Ginetta G27  Bowling ​is in fact what I love to do [[http://​​Event-Massage-Party/​|Massage for parties]] ​fun. For work, I'm an Instructional aide, as soon as apprenticed as a real Food cooking machine tender. I'​ve ​ acquired many medical issues, and I learn about healing foods, natural remedies, ​and herbal therapy to handle them.(Image:​ [[http://​​Promo-IMAG/​​QQ2WDV12LM.jpg|http://​​Promo-IMAG/​​QQ2WDV12LM.jpg]]) ​ [[http://​​main/​search/​search?​q=Personally|Personally]] I think Amma therapy and Hakomi Therapy are besides valuable. I love kayaking but I am excessively old today.+I'm Verna MFor 10 years I've learned Neuroscience at the University in LyonBasket Weaving ​is my favorite things you can do. don't like Television shows like How I Met Your Mother but I really do love Drew Carey. I try to live balanced existence with  and Esalen ​[[http://​​Event-Massage-Party/​|Massage for parties]], and also playing sports like taekwondo ​and polo.
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