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Create Your own image

Use this template.png from github.

The white area will be visible on your display, the 4 black rows at the bottom will not but have to be included.

For the next step you will need to install GD bindings for pearl. The Ubuntu package is called libgd-gd2-perl.

As soon as you have finished your drawing, use to converter located at /tools/image/ in the source repository to convert your picture.

The resulting file will be called “<yourimagename>.lcd”. Copy that file to your badges flash memory and rename it to “nick.lcd”.

Now you can let your r0ket display that image instead of your nickname.

Create an Animation

Create a series of .lcd files for each frame following the above steps.

When finished cat them together to one file like this:

Put all .lcd-frames in a empty folder and run following command.

cat *.lcd > nick.lcd

Copy the nick.lcd your r0kets data flash. When selecting ANIM the animation will be played, by selecting IMAGE only the first frame will be displayed.

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