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    - Have fun!    - Have fun!
 +===== tvr0tator =====
 +This small program examines your DVB-T TV signal strength (V4L DVB-Stack) and rotates the r0ketlauncher with an attached DVB-antenna to achieve the best aligment of the antenna.
 +   - Install dvbsnoop and libusb
 +   - compile the source: [[tvr0tator.c|tvr0tator.c]] with //gcc -o tvr0tator tvr0tator.c -lusb//
 +   - start your favourite DVB Viewer (like mplayer)
 +   - run ./tvr0tator
 +   - have fun watching tv (or c3 streams) with best signal-strength!
 +   * Troubleshooting:​ usbhid kernel module could claim exclusive right of the r0ketlauncher,​ so //rmmod usbhid// or use //​libhid-detach-device 07ca:a815// available in the libhid package
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