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If your r0ket isn't working try the following steps in this order:

  • check here if we already know about the problem and maybe even have a solution
  • if nothing helps, join the r0ket irc channel irc:// - but our ressources there are limited. We are currently learning about the various problems people encounter and then write something here….

Please note: our market research has told us people buy stuff with closed crypto keys and vendor approved applications like crazy, theref0re the r0ket is compatible with this audience. The original firmware contains some crypto keys to make this possible, so if you flash your own firmware you will lose those forever. We don't want to stop you from doing so (you'll loose only the stuff which needs the closed krypto keys), just wanted to tell you before you start flashing. Possibly you want to live on the Bluemchenwiese for a day or so before jailbreaking your badge…

Please also note: Camp hasn't even started yet and we are putting more stuff together on flashing etc. Some of us aren't even at Camp yet. Probably just start with the simulat0r if you want to write your own Tetris NOW.

Collection of known Problems

Config reset

Pushing joystick up while powering on erases the firstboot config. There is no risk in doing that except having to type in your nick again…

Data Flash corrupted

It SEEMS some badges have a wrongly formated DF. The DF is the 512K Chip storing the filesystem containing fonts, l0dables, config etc.

A corrupted FS can result in the badge displaying some error on firstboot about unavailable functions. You can attach the badge to a PC (linux preferred) and start the USB Storage in the menu, a 512K FAT filesystem with >30 files should appear. If that somehow looks crazy it MIGHT be you have a corrupted fs.

You can download an image of a clean FS from:

Just start your Badge in USB-Mass-Storage while having the r0ket connected to your PC (using Linux should be best). Either from the menu or hold joystick down while powering it on. A 512K Blockdevice should appear on your PC, if you had an automounter, unmount it again. Then execute

dd if=r0ket-df.dd of=/dev/sdX

with sdX being the correct device (check /var/log/messages. You can destroy your Notebooks bootloader when entering the wrong device here…)

You might want to recreate your Keys after that, for that you need a checkout of our git, in tools/crypto/ it contains a tool to generate them. Just mount the volume after executing the dd and copy the created keys over. Those are used for send/receive vcard for example. Nothing really important to use the badge to display your nick…

Display doen't work

Careful, display connectors are fragile.

Find someone who has a working display, try that. But: so far we haven't encountered a broken display. Your problem might be something else.

I have flashed a new firmware, but the old original l0dable files don't work anymore. I only see a rocket picture.

Yes, that's expected. When you flashed the new firware, you implicitly jailbroke the device and moved on from Bluemchenwiese to Hackerspace… That means you lost the original secret keys forever (unless you manage to extract them from another device, of course) and the old l0dable files are encrypted with those old keys - so you can't install them anymore. You have to install new l0dable files that are encrypted with the new keys (probably those which you downloaded from git and renamed to SECRET.release, see ).

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