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 If your r0ket isn't working try the following steps in this order: If your r0ket isn't working try the following steps in this order:
   * check here if we already know about the problem and maybe even have a solution   * check here if we already know about the problem and maybe even have a solution
-  * join the r0ket irc channel [[irc://​r0ket|irc://​​r0ket]]+  * if nothing helps, ​join the r0ket irc channel [[irc://​r0ket|irc://​​r0ket]] ​(if it is full see contact for other servers) - but our ressources there are limited. 
 +Please note: we threw away the crypto keys. So if you update from the original camp firmware to the congress firmware you have to replace your l0dabels with current (unencrypted) ones! 
 +<​del>​our market research has told us people buy stuff with closed crypto keys and vendor approved applications like crazy, theref0re the r0ket is compatible with this audience. The original firmware contains some crypto keys to make this possible, so if you flash your own firmware you will lose those forever. We don't want to stop you from doing so (you'​ll loose only the stuff which needs the closed krypto keys), just wanted to tell you before you start flashing. Possibly you want to live on the Bluemchenwiese for a day or so before jailbreaking your badge...</​del>​
-To make some radio features available, the r0ket source includes a secret key. 
-We will make an image available soon. 
-Before flashing firmware from other badges please wait for more information from us. 
-Camp hasn't started, many of us haven'​t arrived yet. 
 ==== Collection of known Problems ==== ==== Collection of known Problems ====
 +=== Config reset ===
 +Pushing joystick up while powering on erases the firstboot config. There is no risk in doing that except having to type in your nick again...
-=== Display ​doen't work ===+=== DataFlash corrupt === 
 +It SEEMS some badges have a wrongly formatted Dataflash (DF). The DF is the 512K serial flash memory chip storing the filesystem containing fonts, l0dables, config etc. 
 +A corrupt FS can result in the badge displaying some error on firstboot about unavailable functions, unreachable executables,​ wrong nickname display etc. You can attach the badge to a PC (linux preferred) and start the USB Storage in the menu, a 512K FAT filesystem with >30 files should appear. If that somehow looks crazy it MIGHT be you have a corrupt fs. 
 +To reformat the drive: 
 + sudo mkfs.vfat -F 12 -I -n r0ket /dev/sdX 
 +with sdX being the new found device. Be sure not to overwrite your Harddrive - a small typo here could ruin all your PCs data…  
 +And then copy all the files of release/​files/​ to the device. 
 +Alternatively an image of a working FS is available at 
 +Download that, boot your r0ket while pushing the joystick DOWN (not in and NOT LEFT) to start as mass storage, wait for the 512K device to appear, unmount it if your automounter mounted it an then 
 +dd if=r0ket-df.dd of=/​dev/​sdX 
 +with sdX being the new found device. Be sure not to overwrite your Harddrive - a small typo here could ruin all your PCs data... 
 +For fixing your r0ket with your old or a friends backup see [[backup_usb_storage|Backup usb_storage]]. 
 +=== C0D/​NIK-files not shown in menu === 
 +Two possibilities:​ a) your filesystem is corrupt (see above) 
 +b) your OS created the files with lower-case extensions (all extensions on the filesystem are always in uppercase). To fix this: 
 +cd /​media/​… 
 +rm *.c0d *.nik *.int 
 +cd …/​release/​files 
 +rename s/c0d/C0D/ *.c0d 
 +rename s/nik/NIK/ *.nik 
 +rename s/int/INT/ *.int 
 +cp *.c0d *.nik *.int /​media/​… 
 +=== Display ​doesn't work ===
 Careful, display connectors are fragile. Careful, display connectors are fragile.
-Find someone who has a working displaytry that.+Find someone who has a working display ​and give that a try instead. But: so far we haven'​t encountered a broken display. Your problem might be something else. 
 +=== I have flashed a new firmware, but the old original l0dable files don't work anymore. I only see a rocket picture. ​ === 
 +Yes, that's expected. When you flashed the new firmware, you implicitly jailbroke the device and moved on from Bluemchenwiese to Hackerspace... That means you lost the original secret keys forever (unless you manage to extract them from another device, of course) and the old l0dable files are encrypted with those old keys - so you can't install them anymore. You have to install new l0dable files that are encrypted with the new keys (probably those which you downloaded from git and renamed to SECRET.release,​ see http://​​build ). 
 +=== r0ket only displays test output === 
 +If you see the following output after power on and your r0ket doesn'​t do anything else, it still contains the testing firmware: 
 +  testing... 
 +  flash...ok 
 +  ADC...ok 
 +  RF...timeout 
 +  spi...ok 
 +  test done 
 +  ready for 
 +  takeoff
-=== r0ket displays errors ===+In this case follow the instructions on [[init|init]] to flash the firmware yourself.
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