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This is a page to collect everything on getting color display (nokia 1600 for now) to work on r0ket.


I put a very early source-archive (done by schneider) online to:

It is completely independant from our current firmware, but you can build it and see color image on r0ket:

tar -xvzf nokia1600badge.tar.gz 
cd lpc1343codebase/
make firmware.bin

and then flash that firmware.bin onto your badge.

main.c equals main.c.1600.2 and is the base to start from.

You could either start building an own firmware displaying your nick or game or whatever in color, or - what we originally planned but didn't find the time for - modify the existing firmware to use the color display. For that the display buffer of course is too small, the idea would be to keep that at 1 bit but for example enable the user to select the colors, like show everything blue on black, or even fade the color through, add a fancy colored background or whatever.

Join our IRC if you managed to build something nice with it. To have it included in the git it would be good to integrate it in our current framework, so that it builds as application in the official tree. Or finally integrate it into the code so it's just a #define DISPLAY while compiling for monochrome or color…

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