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This worked for me, on OS X 10.6.8 with XCode 4 and Homebrew. Your mileage may vary.


curl -s | /bin/sh
git clone git:// r0ket
cd r0ket/firmware
PATH=$HOME/arm/bin:$PATH ./release-all


I adapted a Script for building a GNU binutils/GCC/Newlib/GDB toolchain. It should be portable. gmp, mpfr and mpc need not be installed.

The script will build binutils, gcc, the newlib C library, gcc again and gdb into ~/arm by default.

r0ket firmware

Currently there is one issue with the mainline r0ket firmware; in some circumstances the linker for loadables fails to find some library functions gcc inserts on variable initialisations or something. I've found that linking with gcc instead fixes this problem. A fixed version is available from my repo for now.

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