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 === Solution 2 === === Solution 2 ===
 +<note tip>
 +This "​Solution"​ produces slightly bigger code (with gcc 4.6.2) compared to older gcc versions. Therefore you can not compile some l0dables. This results in errors like:
 +<​code>​arm-none-eabi-ld -nostartfiles -T loadable.ld -o mp0ng.elf mp0ng.o ​ -lc -L/​opt/​local/​arm-none-eabi/​lib/​
 +arm-none-eabi-ld:​ mp0ng.elf section `.text'​ will not fit in region `sram'
 +arm-none-eabi-ld:​ region `sram' overflowed by 148 bytes</​code>​
   * Install [[http://​|MacPorts]]   * Install [[http://​|MacPorts]]
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 === Solution 3 === === Solution 3 ===
 +  * Currently not working (at least on Lion). Less pain: MacPorts
   * Install [[http://​​homebrew|Homebrew]]   * Install [[http://​​homebrew|Homebrew]]
-  * Import the formulae for cloog-ppl and arm-none-eabi-gcc from [[https://​​jpc/​homebrew/​tree/​master/​Library/​Formula|here]] ​+  * Import ​(as in copy to /​usr/​local/​Library/​Formula) ​the formulae for cloog-ppl and arm-none-eabi-gcc from [[https://​​jpc/​homebrew/​tree/​master/​Library/​Formula|here]] ​
   * Install the formula ''​arm-none-eabi-gcc'':​ <​code>​brew install arm-none-eabi-gcc</​code>​   * Install the formula ''​arm-none-eabi-gcc'':​ <​code>​brew install arm-none-eabi-gcc</​code>​
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